About us

Working efficiently and in difficult, time-sensitive circumstances with minimum hindrance and controllable risks to people and the environment are important criteria for VTG. These criteria constantly require new applications and therefore constantly pose new challenges for us. That’s why we are so proud of our competent, certified professionals, who come up with creative solutions every day at the request of and in cooperation with our clients. With this, they shape the future of concrete repair technology, and specifically of spray technology.

We believe that our employees’ sustainable efforts will continue to play an increasingly important role in physically demanding renovation work. Unsurprisingly, VTG focuses on cutting-edge technology and, as a market leader and pioneer in this field, our organisation acts as a primary contractor in projects all over the world. Thanks to our optimal execution of projects, we can keep expanding our borders!

Advice Making the impossible possible together

By making optimal use of our expertise in concrete repair from the start of your project, you can save yourself, your potential clients or the end users lots of time, energy and money. If you involve us as early as in the preparation of your project, we take the time to get to know all stakeholders and identify any technical obstacles. We are also happy to advise you on the approach and budget free of obligation, and sometimes we can even come up with new creative solutions for seemingly impossible tasks.

Equipment Ultra-high-pressure concrete pumps and advanced mixing techniques

We achieve an optimum result for every spray application through a combination of high-tech concrete pumps and advanced mixing installations. Adding mixing water and any auxiliary materials requires the utmost care in order to achieve the best possible quality.

Our own machines and installations:

• High-pressure piston pumps
• Worm pumps (precision pouring)
• Aggregates & compressors
• Trucks
• High-pressure units 500-3000 bar
• Manual tools and other supplies

VTG Beton’s enormous machine pool and the extensive storage capacity at our disposal means every client can be served quickly and adequately.

Total Safety Concepts

VTG strives for a 100% safe workplace with every assignment, in accordance with strict SHEQ standards. This means the safety at your construction project is guaranteed.

Sustainable technology, safe for people and the environment

VTG strives for a 100% safe workplace with every assignment, in accordance with strict SHEQ standards. This means the safety at your construction project is guaranteed.

Quality Innovative technique, creative people

Concrete repair is a constantly developing field. Our expertise and practical experience form a solid basis for an inspiring ‘co-makership’ with the suppliers and producers of our materials and machines. They use our practical experience as input for new solutions. At the same time, our creative professionals are always willing to go the extra mile when coming up with innovative solutions to meet new challenges, paying particular attention to the applicable safety limits.

International Scalable worldwide

As the specialist and market leader in complex renovation projects, we carry out orders all over the world. As a partner of large international (construction) companies or as main contractor, to quickly take care of an immediate problem.

Are you responsible for renovating industrial installations or long-term demolition and rebuilding projects in road construction and infrastructure? Are you confronted with a calamity during a (concrete) construction project? You can always count on us for a fast and professional intervention. No job is too complex for our professionals, supported by our extensive, largely robotised machine park.