Shotcrete application and refractory gunning

Incinerators are always equipped with heat-resistant systems. These refractory products need regular maintenance, during which the amount of downtime is often crucial. This method is highly suitable for application during the construction of the installation or during a shutdown.


Our refractory products are often delivered to the project site in 1000-kilogram big bags. Further processing takes place by adding water and any required auxiliary materials. After the mixing process, the ready-to-use product is applied using an ultra-high-pressure piston pump. The spray nozzle is equipped with an accelerator to ensure the wet mortar has sufficient initial strength to adhere to a wall. The high-quality materials we use are purchased from various suppliers. Thanks to our global network and collaborations, we can execute projects all over the world.


• Consistent quality
• Allows for high productivity (3 – 8 tonnes per hour)
• Low dust generation compared to “dry spraying method”
• Extremely low rebound percentage (<5% spray loss)
• Allows for high layer thickness per operation

Arjan de Waard

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